6 POC Brands to know

POC Brands

Right now our country is hurting, and we need to make our voices heard and have those tough conversations with friends and family. I’m committed to listening and understanding and doing my part to be part of the movement forward.

Beyond signing petitions and donating to organizations that support those marching peacefully for justice. I also think it’s important to highlight POC Brands that I’ve been inspired by or recently come across.

KLUR- Eco inclusive beauty made in California. Check out their website here.

Proclaim– Inclusive Lingerie Line made with earth conscious fabrics. Super soft sustainable fabrics that come in the most beautiful shades.

Beneath Your Mask– Skin, body, and hair rejuvenation line designed to heal and repair toxic effects of the environment. 2019 Allure best beauty winner

Local European– Capsule collection made sustainably. Literally you’ll want every single piece. All neutrals, just my vibe.

KNC Beauty– I’ve been a fan of this beauty brand for years, Sold at Sephora, I use their lip masks regularly and they are the best!

Coffee and Honey Co.- Organic coffee and honey scrub, sign me up!

These are just a few AMAZING POC brands I love, there are so many more I want to include so I’ll be sharing those on my IG!


One response to “6 POC Brands to know”

  1. Rena says:

    Yes, I think this is also important. Thanks for sharing.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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