Winter grey’s

Two piece sweater set | Coat with Tie Belt |Bag |Greats Sneakers

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the color grey. So layering a bunch of grey’s together just made sense! This two piece sweater set is honestly my favorite purchase this winter! It’s so cozy and flattering, especially with the ribbed texture. It also comes in a few other colors that I might have to snag as well! Being comfortable is super important to me especially this time of the year when it is literally freezing!

Surprisingly enough this grey overcoat kept me very warm! It was in the 40’s when we shot these and I was comfortable and not complaining or stressed about the cold. Trust me usually I would be dying if it was too cold but this combo worked perfectly. This sweater set is actually very thick so I’m sure that helped out. But you could also add more layers with a scarf and beanie if needed.

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