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Happy Monday babes! I thought it would be good to share my take on maternity clothes being that I’m an expecting mother! I was honestly shocked by how little options there were when I first started looking for maternity clothes. I scrolled through countless websites friends had recommended, only to find a bunch of very unflattering super tight dresses with prints that would look terrible on a 5’2 frame like mine even without a bump. Sure those dresses look great on someone taller maybe without as big of a chest and junk in the truck, but for me they don’t really work.

I even went ahead and ordered a few non maternity dresses that were tighter and would show off the bump a little more but truthfully those were not flattering on me either! My boobs were practically popping out of the dresses, and I felt super uncomfortable. I even went down the path of thinking why don’t I look as cute as this other expecting mom I saw in the same dress. But then I realized those were not dresses that I would ever normally wear outside of pregnancy because they are not flattering on my body type. So why keep forcing something that I obviously don’t feel comfortable wearing?

I feel especially during pregnancy that women should wear what makes them feel their best and most prettiest because our bodies are changing so much. Sure there are days when nothing fits and that is just part of growing a baby, haha! But I’ve really enjoyed this new challenge of dressing my growing body and still feeling confident and stylish in what I’m wearing. I’m a girl that loves layering and high street fashion, so why would that change just because I’m pregnant?

So I then began the game plan of sizing up and wearing the same stuff I would normally wear. With a few minor tweaks… like most denim options are out of the question! But so far with each month, I just size up one more size and I’m still able to wear the things I love.

Below I’m linking a few non maternity options that have worked out for me and I really love. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Urmila says:

    Love ❤️ the dresses

  2. techrax says:

    So Beautiful Dresses ………… I love These Dresses

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