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So excited to share my baby registry with you guys! I’ve been adding to this list for months and I finally feel like it’s complete! I’ll be making additional purchases outside of this list but these are just the basics that I’ve been recommended by friends and family.  As a first time mom it can be quite intimidating getting everything ready for the baby and being sure that you don’t miss anything. So this list is literally my lifeline right now and we are about half way through.

I’ve been holding off getting the bigger items like the stroller and car seat but I already have selected the ones I’m getting and have them in my cart. We still have a few things to get rid of in our apartment to make space for everything… NYC living is not easy when it comes to having apartment space! If you visited my apartment you would think we have plenty of space because it’s extremely organized and thought out! Also it’s quite large by NYC standard at 1100 square feet. But trust me, add one stroller and you can’t open the front door! Haha! So we are working on selling our dining table and downsizing to make extra room.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I linked below the exact items I’m buying, so be sure to scroll and check them out!


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