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Finally getting around to sharing my must have pregnancy skincare items! I’m pretty serious about good skincare, the proof being that I’ve used an eye cream religiously every day since I was 16! I don’t have any lines around my eyes, so I know that if you are consistent with products they will work. Of course now that I’m pregnant, I’m not able to use all my regular go-to’s or anything with retinol (sigh). I miss retinol products the most because it’s the only thing that works for my skin and helps to keep the fine lines away. And honestly I had a really hard time finding pregnancy safe products that worked in the beginning when I first found out I was pregnant. Which lead me to lots and lots of research that made me wish Sephora and other skincare places I shop had a pregnancy tab of pregnancy safe products to use! But of course the real reason I assume that they don’t is because you always want to check with your doctor.

 Below I’m sharing a few products that have worked for me this pregnancy. I’m a no BS person when it comes to skincare, I have no time for products that don’t get results. Especially while pregnant your skin is changing by the minute it seems, so you have to stay ahead of problems and troubleshoot quickly! So everything I’m sharing today I’ve tested and love, just continue reading below for the list!

Pregnancy Skincare must have products:

C-Firma Day Serum– This is by far my secret weapon this pregnancy! I use it every morning, it helps with firmness, uneven skin tone and texture. The smell is not my favorite but it works and results are noticeable! I’ll be continuing this one after pregnancy as I’m now hooked!

C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream– LOVE LOVE LOVE! Helps with firmness and fine lines. I use it every morning and at night.

Tula Pro-Biotic Face Cleanser – Been using this with my clarisonic even before getting pregnant, love it!

Jet Lag Mask– This mask is so hydrating! Seriously love how well it moisturizes and plumps my skin. Plus one of the founders was actually pregnant when she created it and used it throughout her pregnancy as well. The ingredient list is simple and clean and easy to understand which I love!

D-Bronzi Anti Pollution Sunshine Serum– Love this serum and I use it on days when I want a little extra glow.

La Mer Moisturizing cool Gel Cream–  Pricey but worth it! Love the way it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift– This tool is AH-MAZING! I use it morning and night it helps firm skin and gets rid of my morning puffiness. Also helps with fine lines and wrinkles! It’s on sale right now for $100 off!

SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid Restore– This has been my retinol substitute and I use it along with my Clarisonic Smart Profile daily.


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4 responses to “Pregnancy Skincare”

  1. Xochitl Karina Olguin says:

    Hi Tiffany –
    Your brows are gorgeous! Who do you go to here in Houston? I need serious brow love
    Thank you,
    Karina Olguin

    • admin says:

      Hi Karina, You are so sweet! So I actually just do them myself. But maybe try chic lash boutique? I have a friend that goes there and loves it!

  2. Karina Olguin says:

    Thank you so much for the recommendation. Do you mind asking her which location she goes to and which brow and lash artist she sees?
    Are her brows amazing like yours, or does she have sparse brows?
    It is so hard finding a good person.
    I appreciate your help greatly. Have a lovely day!
    Karina Olguin

    • admin says:

      She goes to Theresa! Her brows look amazing and she loves Theresa! They also do micro blading I believe but she just gets hers threaded. Hope this helps!

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