2nd trimester update

2nd trimester update

Finally sharing my 2nd trimester update with you guys today! I’m 21 weeks and I have my energy back (thank the LORD) and my headaches have completely gone away! I was averaging a headache a day for three strait weeks in the beginning of my 2nd trimester and it was absolutely terrible. My doctor said I could take Tylenol but I really tried hard to just avoid taking any medication. So I suffered through them quite a bit. I know some women recommend peppermint oil, but that didn’t work for me. The only thing that would help me a little was getting out of bed and going strait to the gym. It really helped get my blood flowing and kept them from getting terrible. They were so bad that it actually hurt to eat. I can remember Alex and I going to the Chelsea Market, and I was so hungry but I couldn’t finish my meal because it hurt to chew! Crazy, right?! But these little sacrifices are all worth it and I take them like a badge of honor! Growing a human is hard work!

But now that the headaches are gone and I have energy I honestly feel really great! The second trimester is supposed to be the best because you feel pretty normal. Aside from a kicking baby inside of me, which is still so unreal! I feel the baby kicking all the time now, I’m pretty sure it’s practicing Ju jitsu or something very similar. Haha! I’ve been waiting for so long to feel the baby and it seems from 19 weeks to now, I feel it all the time! Like overnight the baby learned how to move and kick and hasn’t stopped since! Last night I couldn’t fall asleep because the baby was kicking like crazy. Alex actually felt the baby kick for the first time and he was like, “whoa, that was a hard kick!” Lol!


Honestly I haven’t had any crazy cravings as of yet. I was craving fruit during my first trimester (like 3 apples a day and lots of grapes and blackberries) but now not as much. I do find that I’m hungry a lot more often but that’s to be expected. I’m still eating for one though not two. You actually only need around 350 extra calories a day while pregnant so I’m not overdoing it. I usually have oatmeal with berries first thing when I wake up. I skip coffee until later in the day when I really need it and have warm lemon water. The lemon water is suppose to help with stretch marks and it’s just really good for you! Then for lunch it’s usually hummus and carrots with a sandwich or avocado salad. Then dinner we usually bake veggies and have salmon or cod. Honestly we are always trying out new healthy dishes, so we switch it up quite often. Also It’s very important to try to get protein in with every meal for the babies development, so I’m sticking to a high protein diet.

Foods I’m avoiding:

Any soft cheeses (which I normally love) like brie and queso fresco specifically. I’ve been avoiding anything not pasteurized. Also nothing raw, no sushi or smoked salmon. Which was very hard to avoid while in Europe last week! I pretty much lived on tomatoes and bread the whole time. I wasn’t complaining about it (too much) lol! No raw eggs and only one cup of coffee a day. My doctor said it’s totally fine to have one a day but of course each doctor will vary on this subject. Also I’m avoiding tuna salad as much as possible and sticking with an organic diet. I don’t want any extra hormones or chemicals.


I’ve been reading Expecting better which I highly recommend! Also Happiest Baby on the Block was recommended to me by some friends who swear by it. Read the amazon reviews, they speak for themselves!

Stretch mark creams:

So far I haven’t gotten anything but I hear most people get them later in pregnancy, sometimes the very last week. Stretch marks are hereditary, but I think prevention also plays a big role. I’ve been oiling up every morning and evening after my bath with BASQ Resilient Oil. I’ve also heard great things about bio oil (Kim K swears by it). Occasionally I use this butter if I need to run out the door quickly and don’t have time to let the oil dry, since it doesn’t stain my clothes. Also lemon water and staying hydrated is suppose to help your skin with not developing stretch marks.



I’ve been taking this prenatal since day one and I love it! I’ve never had any issues with it and it has great reviews. Also i’m taking these fiber gummies to help aid with digestion and keep things moving along! Unfortunately I got a nasty cold sore the other day (which I never get) but apparently they are really common during pregnancy! So I started taking L-Lysine a few times a week since my doctor said it was fine. This is what works for me but of course be sure to consult with your doctor before taking anything new.


Thanks so much for reading!


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8 responses to “2nd trimester update”

  1. Trina Dinnar says:

    You look great! I read a lot of books during my pregnancy too. It definitely helps pass the time. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations you bump is so cute keep the updates coming. I craved fruits with both of my pregnancies.

    • admin says:

      Oh that’s so funny! My mom also craved fruit but I haven’t heard of that being a common thing. Better than craving hotdogs! Hehe!

  3. Alice Tibbs says:

    Congratulations!You look great!It definitely helps pass the time.Your bump is so cute keep the updates coming.

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