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Tiffany Jais Houston fashion and lifestyle blogger | Top 5 things to do in Madrid


So excited to share my Madrid travel guide finally! It was my second time traveling to Madrid and I feel like I fell even more in love with the city! It’s filled with fantastic food, people, and lots of rich history that is prevalent throughout the city. Plus let’s not forget about siesta, can we just bring that tradition to the states please? You’ll defiantly understand and appreciate a little break in the day to nap or relax given how late dinner starts. Don’t even try reserving a 7pm dinner time because most restaurants don’t open until 9 p.m. Hello everyone is napping! Lol! Below I’ve listed my top 5 things to do in Madrid, enjoy!

Market of San Miguel

Tiffany Jais Houston fashion and lifestyle blogger | Top 5 things to do in Madrid


Ok since great food is very near and dear to my heart, this seems like a great place to start. I highly recommend trying out one of the food markets for lunch! The Market of San Miguel was amazing, I would have gone here everyday if possible. We stopped in right after our trip to the palace of Madrid since it was walking distance, and enjoyed tapas from a few different booths. Each booth had something different so we ordered from about 5 different spots because everything looked so yummy! They even have a chocolate bar for dessert, which was just as amazing as it sounds!


Retiro Park

Tiffany Jais Houston fashion and lifestyle blogger | Top 5 things to do in Madrid

You can’t go to Madrid without a trip to Retiro park! It’s quite large in size and such a beautiful place to spend the afternoon. All of the gardens are of various themes and it’s filled with beautiful pathways you could easily spend hours just walking. If you go when the weather is warmer you’ll definitely want to take a row boat out on the lake. Also crystal palace is a must see! It’s equally beautiful from the outside with great photography opportunity if it’s not too crowded. Definitely go early because it gets really hot and even more crowded throughout the day.


Go see Flamenco Dancing

This was one of my favorite things we did while in Madrid! We started out with dinner at Casa Patas, and even though the food was not fantastic, the show afterwards definitely made up for it! Tickets run about 45 euros a person, we just reserved online before going. It’s a small intimate theater with fantastic singers and dancers.


Bike tour

Tiffany Jais Houston fashion and lifestyle blogger | Top 5 things to do in Madrid

I highly recommend a bike tour to familiarize yourself with the city and learn about the history of Madrid in a fun way. You can book ahead of time online for about $25 dollars a person. We feel like we learned more about the history of Madrid on this tour than all of the museums we visited! Also such a unique way to get a taste for the city that would take much longer on foot!


Go to dinner at Huerta De Carabana

Tiffany Jais Houston fashion and lifestyle blogger | Top 5 things to do in Madrid


OMG I’m still dreaming about this margarita at Huerta De Carabana, this place was so yummy and by far my favorite place we ate! We actually tried stopping in a different restaurant but they were all booked, so the owner was nice enough to recommended Huerta since he couldn’t seat us! I wish I could remember the name of the other place because they were so nice to give us a recommendation, and a very good one at that! The food was beyond amazing Huerta and everything we ordered was equally as good as the last dish. Alex even made friends with the bartender to get the recipe for this dragon fruit margarita! Haha! He NEVER orders a margarita but the waiter insisted we had to try one if we were ordering cocktails. They obviously didn’t disappoint because we ordered a round two!


Thanks so much for reading my top five things to do in Madrid!





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