Houston blogger’s photoshoot

Swim suit top | Swimsuit bottom | Romper | Hotel Granduca
Happy hump day! I’m so excited to finally share the Influencer’s shoot I did a few weeks back with some fellow Houston bloggers! It was so great getting to relax by the pool at the gorgeous Hotel Granduca. This place is so pretty and it has a European decadence that reminded me so much of my honeymoon in Italy.

In other news, we are finally moved! We decided to upgrade to a bigger high rise inside our same building so that we have a little more room. But boy am I exhausted after 48 hours of non-stop moving! We decided not to get movers since it was a move within our building but after it’s all said and done, we should have spent the $$ and got some help. Lesson learned! Anyway, I can’t wait to start sharing pictures of the new place!

Photography by Jake Fabricius 

A special thank you to Hotel Granduca for a wonderful stay.


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