High waisted pant

Raise your hand if you into trends that make your legs look longer, and waistline look tiny? Well I have both of my hands up! Hello, this girl is only 5’2 (well, all-most 5’3 to be persist) so anything that can help with the short leg problem, I’m all about it. 
Higher waistlines translate to longer looking legs. So naturally these caught my attention at first glance. Not to mention, I haven’t purchased anything in the color mustard in a while, so let’s just say, my closet was overdue. LOL!  Admittedly I was concerned that the material would wrinkle easily, but these are totally fine. Also, I just really love the brand River Island, if you’ve never shopped there before you should check them out! They have a great mix of trendy and classic styles.
Lastly, I am linking a few dupes for you guys below so be sure to check them out. My Drew Chloe dupe I’ve had for about two years now and it still looks excellent. Plus it’s only $50! (!!!) I’m also linking a dupe for my white Hermes bangle! Hope you enjoyed this post and happy weekend!


6 responses to “High waisted pant”

  1. I love this look! High waisted pants are my favourite.

    xo, Liz

  2. So cute Tiffany! I love those pants – so flattering and the mustard color is perfect for summer & fall! Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  3. I love River Island. This outfit is gorgeous!!

    Rachael xox


  4. Anaiavilo says:

    I love these pants, they have such a gorgeous style!


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