My summer wishlist for under $50

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Happy Monday guys! Today I’m rounding up some very budget friendly items for under $50. It can get expensive when seasons change and your trying to stock your closet with all the new season trends, but that’s why I’m here to help! One thing that is an essential for spring, and gets a lot of use is sunglasses! This year I’m really excited about the bolder frames like these from Nordstrom. I actually already ordered them and then afterwards I found a very similar pair for even less (under $20) on Amazon! (Linking them both below) Also, I’m super in love with this white scallop bikini!

Well guys, I’m typing this on our way home from the honeymoon! (14 hour flight, OUCH) but we had the most AMAZING time though so it was totally worth it! I just can’t believe it’s already over! Here’s a little recap of all the places we visited, Paris, Monte Carlo, Lake Como (this place is a slice of Heaven, you need add it to your bucket list), then finished up in Venice! It was so funny because each place we visited, while we were there we both swore to each other that we never wanted to leave, and then the next place was just as amazing if not more! But my hands down FAVORITE was Lake Como, Italy. I’ve never seen anything more gorgeous! I’ll be doing a post soon talking all about the honeymoon, and sharing my favorite restaurants and spots so be sure to check back!


2 responses to “My summer wishlist for under $50”

  1. The top and sunglasses are super cute. I know time does fly back after you get married and are at your honeymoon.

  2. Živilė Dap says:

    Those sunglasse are amazing!

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