Bright spring colors…




Ribbed boatneck sweater in yellow: Nordstrom |  Distressed denim legging: Nordstrom (wearing a size 26) | Lace up sandals: Steve Madden (also love these for half the price)| Street level reversible bag: Nordstrom | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Rings: here & here | Bangles: Julie Vos | Watch: Kate Spade
Spring is almost here, leaving me lusting after bright colors! It’s still a bit on the chilly side, so this bright yellow sweater is perfect for in between seasons! Also, I just love the side slits and ribbed material. Wearing bright colors can really perk you up and give you a little extra pep in your step throughout the day. Think of it as a mini espresso for your Spring wardrobe! Speaking of Spring, how darling are these lace up sandals? Aside from being super cute they are actually really comfortable! Which leads me to declare the lace up sandal, “Springs most sultry shoe”  A. Because the trend has been around for a while and has no sign of slowing down. B. the strappy style is showing up in every retail store in multiple styles-which is always a great indicator that it’s sticking around! I decided to grab a nude pair first because they go with everything! But I’ve already got my eye on a darling black pair as well! Build with the basics first, and then branch out to some other colors is my shoe shopping moto!

Now on to other things… who else is watching the Bachelor tonight?! I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed with the teaser previews! Did anyone else notice that earlier in the season, they had a preview with Leah getting a black eye? Then she went home last week and they never showed anything about her getting punched in the face… I’m starting to think they really manipulate and edit the previews to trick us! News flash ABC, stop doing that!!


7 responses to “Bright spring colors…”

  1. This bag is phenomenal, I love it && the whole look! Thanks for sharing! xx

    toast the girl almighty

  2. Melanie says:

    Yellow and nude look great together :-*

    Melanie /

  3. I love your outfit!! Those heels are so pretty!

  4. I love that yellow jumper it's so pretty!

  5. Loving the yellow! Can't wait for spring!

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